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Hi there, I’m Aimee Buxton, a web designer based in Toronto. I have been doing design and front-end development for more than 12 years. I have always loved the interactivity and immediate feedback that I get from doing online design work. I really enjoy going through the process of improving a website so that it preforms better and gets through to the audience more effectively. Please scroll down for examples of my work.

About me


plus capital-power-th

Capital Power Online Annual Report 2011 – Responsive

This one was a huge project and was a lot of fun to work on. We used a neat parallax effect for the homepage and made it fully responsive to fit on any screen size. Sadly, the live example of this site is not longer available online. Employer: Sutton Compliance Communicaitons Client: Capital Power  

plus nsuperior-ar2011

Northern Superior Online Annual Report 2011

I worked on this project while working at Sutton Compliance Communications Check out the live site.

plus just-energy

Just Energy Group Inc. – Responsive Site

I worked on this project while working at Sutton Compliance Communications. Check out the live site.

plus nsuperior-th

Northern Superior Corporate Website

This was one of my first responsive websites. I did the design and most of the front end development on this site. I designed this site while at Sutton Compliance Communications Check out the live site

plus hyatt-thumb
plus bausch

Bausch & Lomb Promo Microsite

This is a design that was done for a Bausch & Lomb promotional microsite.  

plus layout5

Timex Online Catalog

These are designs that were done for a pitch to Timex. They wanted a high-end, fashionable online catalog with both French and English information combined into one site.

plus nexxus

Nexxus Microsite


plus avery-interactive-pdf

Avery Interactive PDF

I produced this interactive PDF from the initial layout and design through to the final programming. Avery Interactive PDF – Click to view

plus alberto
plus wcm-thumb

Women in Capital Markets Site Redesign

A website redesign for Women in Capital Markets.

plus stives

St. Ives Microsites

Multiple micro-sites were designed and implemented for various St.Ives promotions.          

Aimee Buxton / Designer + Front End Developer

Drop me a line if you’re interested in working together! I am currently accepting interesting projects from interesting people.

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